Useful Utilities

Being a computer user I have often found the need to use other programs. I have listed some of the ones I commonly use here.

Name Category/tag Description
K-lite Codec Pack codec, video, audio A Pack of codecs for the majority of common audio and video formats (such as Divx). Install is fully customisable. Comes with "Media Player Classic" a sort of old-style windows media player clone without the spy ware and nasty EULA.
TextPad File editing A very powerful replacement for notepad. That may not sound like much be believe me you *need* this program. Has loads of features, and is easy to use. If you download it, make sure you check the web site for macros, utilities and most important Syntax files.
FileZila FTP A brilliant FTP client supporting multiple connections to the same server, download lists and much more! More useful as an FTP download manager than a "straight" ftp client in my opinion, but useful non the less.
Trillian Instant messaging So you've got an AOL Instant Messenger account, an MSN Account, a Yahoo IM account and an ICQ Account. You also enjoy using Internet Relay chat.
Thats 5 apps So far. Trillian roles all these apps into one small program combining the best features of all of them.
There is a "normal" version (free - no spy ware; no ads; 100% free with no strings attached) and a Pro version (which costs money).
mIRC IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Possibly the best IRC client around.
Teamspeak Communications, games If your a gamer then you know voice communications gives you a big advantage. Many people use Roger Wilco - however I prefer Teamspeak. It is much better for slower connections as it uses less bandwidth.
Doom Legacy Gaming Not strictly a utility but with Doom Legacy allows you to play Doom, Doom 2, Heretic or Hexen in high colour at high resolution with transparency and updated to use the latest versions of windows. It even supports network play and custom levels/modifications. Bring back the old Doom addiction - give it a try
WinAmp Music Best MP3 player around. Dump Windows Media Player it's rubbish compared to this.
Right now I am using WinAmp 5, and it is brilliant! Guess what? It's Free again!
Mod Plug Player/Tracker Music If you are an ex Amiga user you will probably have heard of the MOD file format. Well it's been updated for some time and the ModPlug Player can play mod's, xm's, it's and s3m's just to name a few mod formats. The tracker allow you to create you own music as well.
WinU.A.E Emulation, amiga The Ultimate Amiga Emulator. Best software Amiga emulator I have found that is free. Play all those classic games that were rubbish on the PC (such as Lemmings 2)
CPU Grabber games If that old DOS game crashes with a "Runtime error 200" as soon as you start it, then it means that your computer is to new! It runs so fast the game cannot cope! The solution is this little app. Set the slider to about 70% (for a 1.5Ghz Athlon) and click start. Then run your app.
Note: Will cause performance degradation. I recommending using it to launch your application, and once it has started quit CPU killer
DOSBox games, old games, emulation Some older DOS games just will not run under windows, and with a modern OS there is no way to get back to good old DOS!
This is where DOSBox comes in - it emulates DOS under windows. It can run most of the old classics. Worms 1 works as do the really olds games such as Duke Nukem!