I have been using computers for many years and I work as a software developer. This has remained one of my favourite hobbies for all of this time. Although my tactics, experiance level and tools have changed one thing has not: my enthusiasm.
Nothing captures my interest more than solving a complex problem and software development presents me with plenty of challenges!

I am familiar with several programming languages including:
  • C/C++
  • Borland Delphi
  • Basic
  • Visual Basic
  • Quick Basic
  • TCL
  • Java
  • Java script
  • Visual Studio .Net (C#, etc)
  • Miranda
  • Poplog
  • Clipper

I first started programming on the PC using Microsoft Quick Basic that was supplied with MS-DOS. However once Windows 95 came along I found it was becoming more and more limiting.
I then switched to Delphi (simply because there was a free version on a Cover CD I had. My first real program written in Delphi 1 was to stop my sister from accessing the Internet without using a password (for all you computer guru's we were not using Dial Up networking, and the dialler we did use always stored the password).
Now I use many tools (such as Eclipse - however a decent copy of Emacs generally does me fine