di·ver·gent - adjective

  1. moving apart: following paths or courses that become increasingly different or separate
  2. differing: showing or having differences
  3. not matching something: deviating from something such as a typical pattern or an expressed wish
  4. mathematics increasing without limit: describes a series or sequence of numbers in which each term is equal to or greater than the preceding term, and the value of the last term and the sum of the series are without limit
  5. mathematics radiating from point: describes lines radiating from a single point

- Microsoft Encarta

lo·cus (plural lo·ci) - noun

  1. place: a place where something happens
  2. set of points: in mathematics, a set of points, the positions of which satisfy a set of algebraic conditions
  3. gene position: the position of a gene on a chromosome

- Microsoft Encarta


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